Thursday, June 29, 2006


Not The World Cup Final

For those Lib Dem Bloggers who are in the Sheffield area, we are running an event on the evening of Saturday 8th July called Not The World Cup Final, where there will be an opportunity to watch the penultimate game of the World Cup (the 3rd/4th place playoff) and chat with some local Lib Dems. (For those non-Lib Dem readers of this blog, you may make your jokes about the Lib Dems' interest in third place in the comments...)

Food, drink and half-time entertainment will be laid on, as well as (of course) some light political discussion. You don't expect us to talk about football all evening, do you?

The event is at the Princess Royal on Slinn Street in Crookes, and starts at 7.30 PM. All are welcome. Details on Flock Together here.

Also, fellow Sheffield blogger Joe Otten is organising a Sheffield Liberal Drinks meeting on July 18th - details here. Again all are welcome.

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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Localism, Cameron-style

Today's Yorkshire Post carries the risible news that David Cameron has appointed Oliver Heald MP as the Tories' "Shadow Minister for Sheffield" - presumably to investigate ways of buying back support in the city and convince us all that the Conservatives "aren't all about the Home Counties any more".

Yes, that's Oliver Heald, Member of Parliament for North East Hertfordshire, who as far as we can tell has absolutely nothing to do with the city whatsoever.

Well, Mr. Heald, A Liberal View of Sheffield cordially welcomes you to your new post, invites you to inspect the 2006 result in the only seat in Sheffield where you hold councillors and offers the propitious suggestion that you start work now.

To our regular readers - any sightings of Oliver Heald actually within the boundaries of Sheffield will be appreciated (as well as greeted with an abundance of raised eyebrows).

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Rob Cole bolts piano to pavement

We are assuming that this story from (yes, really) is referring to Sheffield Hallam's Green candidate in 2005, Rob Cole: -
Anyway, Doug and I and housemate Nick picked up Jane's piano with the help of our mate Rob and his van. Rob, a young dreadlocked hippie, professional kitchen-fitter and Green Party candidate also helped us bolt this piano to the pavement.
It's nice to get these rare insights into what the opposition are doing with their spare time.

I for one would like to see more street orchestral facilities in Sheffield - just imagine the possibilities! Timpanis in Tinsley! Gongs in Gleadless! Church organs in Chapeltown! And all free from the threat of petty theft. I'm drafting a motion as we speak.

Rob Cole (left), musical instrument security
for hire

Keep up the good work, Rob!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


City Council to congratulate Sheffield United

Notice of Motion 16 for today's Full Council:
That this Council:
(a) congratulates Sheffield United Football Club on its promotion to the Premier League;
(b) also recognizes Sheffield United Football Club’s involvement with the local community, particularly by:
(i) partnership working with Sharrow Community Forum and the work done in attracting funding from Europe for the Enterprise Centre, resulting in the Community Room being provided in John Street;
(ii) supporting Football Unites Racism Divides for the last 7 years by providing unique facilities for their Community Day and supporting other anti racist activities;
(iii) sponsoring the Annual Sharrow Festival;
(iv) working with St Mary’s Church and Community Centre and providing facilities for worship when redevelopment work was taking place; and
(v) visiting users of St Wilfrid’s Day Centre on a regular basis; and
(c) directs that a copy of this Motion be sent to Sheffield United Football Club.
I'm sure Joe Otten, being as he is from the red-and-white half of the city, will be more enthusiastic than I - nevertheless I can get behind it and congratulate them on their albeit temporary success.

Might I suggest one small amendment though?
The deletion of (c) is to be replaced by: -

(c) directs Councillor Peter Price to deliver by hand a copy of this Motion to Sheffield United Football Club.


Trading Standards accounts gap doubles

You may recall that a while back, the Serious Fraud Office opened an investigation into the
South Yorkshire Trading Standards Unit after £7m was found to be missing from its accounts.

The BBC is now reporting that the true amount is a tad more - more like £14m.

This affair comes hot on the heels of a Private Eye article claiming that Sheffield LEA officers
attempted to plug budget holes with charity money (Sheffield Forum thread).

All of which speaks volumes about Labour's attitude to financial scrutiny in Sheffield.

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