Thursday, September 28, 2006


The Mary Lea Greenwash

At Wednesday's Council meeting, Labour's Mary Lea will move a motion containing the following:
That this Council:

(a) confirms that Sheffield is the greenest City in England
Hurrah! That was easy! What's next?

(Pssst - Isn't Sheffield's household recycling rate still well below the average for England?)

You can read the full Notice of Motion here, if you're inclined to believe that sort of thing.

Update: I really should read the whole Council Summons, because if I had I would also have noticed Bryan Lodge talking about "Sheffield’s reputation as England’s greenest City". Winning a gold medal for Entente Florale is a laudable acheivement, but it still isn't going to create a reputation out of thin air.

If they spin any harder they're going to fall down...

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